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We receive many wish requests through our bright yellow letter box at Sunshine HQ but in all honesty there are not many that involve a household chore that most would like to forget.

Vacuuming…. yes, vacuuming. That is young Tyler’s favourite thing to do, above all else, day or night. When I first read through Tyler’s wish pack, I was taken aback by his Mum’s take on his love of vacuuming. She described how it really helped him with his illness as a distraction, almost.

I called Tyler’s Mum, Rachelle, that very day as I was intrigued about the young boy behind this wish. I wanted to know as much as I could about Tyler’s greatest love and all about his family and home life too.

So, after speaking with Mum, off I went searching around everywhere I possibly could to make this special wish come to life. It wasn’t easy at first, after speaking with Tyler’s family and hearing,

“He really doesn’t ask for much at all, just to vacuum. We couldn’t even think of another wish, this is all he really wants. Anything vacuum themed”

I could have purchased a vacuum of some type for Tyler, but this wasn’t special enough. Tyler deserved so much more than that, a memory that he could treasure forever. So, after many searches and calls, along came Paul Stevenson. Paul has been working at Numatic International Ltd for over 20 years, Numatic are the well-known manufacturers of The Henry Vacuum, and no request was too much to ask in making Tyler’s wish a reality.

To say Paul pulled out all the stops would be an understatement. We went along to Dorset the home of Numatic, for Tyler’s special day on the 16th October 2017. When we arrived Tyler and his family were greeted with a welcoming poster in his own reserved parking space. From here we knew this was just the start of a fantastic day.

We were then all taken through to the show room and given exclusive access to meet some of the Henry family, up close and personal. It would only be right that Tyler got to ride one the industrial Cleaners!

Tyler was then taken through to where the magic really happens, the factory! He got to see just how Henry starts his journey in being made. All the staff in the factory showed Tyler just what goes into the famous red and black Vacuum and along the way we learnt lots of interesting facts!

But this wasn’t all, as we went around all the different departments within the factory, to Tyler’s surprise his very own Henry was being built in front of him. But this Vacuum was given a new special name, as it was to be a one of a kind.

At this point, Tyler could not quite believe that this Vacuum was one that he would be taking home with him that very day! Along with lots of goodies, for him and his siblings too!  No wish should be impossible, when it comes to brightening the life of a 12-year-old boy just like Tyler.

Mum Rachelle said, “Tyler will be talking about this day, for years to come, I’m so happy that you could make him smile, you really have made his year” 


It was a pleasure, as Tyler’s wish granter, to be able to witness that infectious smile in person. Without the help and generosity of people from all over, willing to support and help us with wishes just like this it wouldn’t have been possible so I would like to dedicate this post to Mr Paul Stevenson – you really are a real-life hero and a credit to Numatic!

Thanks for all the interesting facts we learnt along the way!

A daily chore such as vacuuming, now makes me smile every time I pull out my old Henry from the cupboard and I now actually know how Tyler feels!


Carly Borg, Wish Granter