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Today is World Photo day 📸🗓 and we thought what better way to support this day, than to highlight the power of photography, as a way of getting creative or helping to cherish special memories.

Some of our wish children are super artistic and their wishes involve taking their own photographs or learning from a professional for the day.

One wish child who is definitely imaginative and inspired by photography is Neve, who wants to be a Travel photographer when she’s older. There was really only one choice for her wish – she wanted a proper camera so that she could learn to take professional photographs and develop her skills.

Neve has a condition called Cystic Fibrosis, which was diagnosed when she was a toddler. For those of you who know someone with the disease, you’ll understand the massive impact it has on their lives. It hasn’t always been easy, but Neve has learnt to work with her condition and not let it get her down. She is a very strong young lady and we wish her all the best in following her dreams.

Quote from Neve’s Mum

“Your wish enabled Neve to get a professional camera well beyond our means, which will enable her to follow her dream of being a photographer. So, although the gift was amazing when she received it, it will actually keep on ‘giving’ to her for years to come.”

Take a look at some of Neve’s first shots! 📸⬇️

Lewis, is another wish child who displays a creative flare for photography. He has a keen interest in animals as well, so he wanted a wish that involved learning more about both. What better way, than to visit London Zoo for the day and receive an expert lesson in animal photography from a professional photographer.

See what Lewis learned and who he met, at London Zoo, on his wish!

We couldn’t have a post about photos without mentioning the amazing photo shoot that five of our wish children attended last year with the lovely Daisy Lowe. The idea of the shoot was to inspire self-esteem.

“The girls are absolutely beautiful inside and out. They have all got so much spirit, they are so bright and positive.”

Check out the amazing photos from the day.

We certainly understand and appreciate photos here at Rays of Sunshine, because they capture all the special moments from a wish day or event, or sometimes just some sunny smiles. So, on World Photo day we urge you to make some memories last forever, by taking a few snaps with your loved ones today!

Sarah, Wish Granter