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Wish Ambassadors

We are hugely grateful to our wish ambassadors for their commitment to Rays of Sunshine. They are an inspiration to our wish children, being former wish children themselves, as they are in a unique position to offer them support.
They also help us raise awareness amongst children by talking about the struggles faced by young people who suffer from illness and disease.

Alice Halstead                         Charlie Crick

Alice and Maddy close    JAM_1914

Hannah Phillips                       Jessica Allan

Hannah   Jessica

Sophie Washington


 Cissy Adamou & Caitlin Kydd




Wish Volunteers

Our wish volunteers work alongside our wish team. They will contact a wish child’s family to discuss the wish, make the arrangements for the day and attend the wish to make sure it all runs smoothly. This involves a lot of planning, and sometimes strong powers of persuasion, and we are very grateful to our volunteers who give up their valuable time freely to make wishes happen.


 home-pink-sample-2d Abigail Peters  home-pink-sample-2d Annie Tejada  home-pink-sample-2d Alice Halstead
 home-pink-sample-2d Carole Dukes  home-pink-sample-2d Claudia Allan  home-pink-sample-2d Danielle Burns
 home-pink-sample-2d Debbie Aylett  home-pink-sample-2d Deborah Fitzpatrick  home-pink-sample-2d Fiona Jakobi
 home-pink-sample-2d Gabrielle Adlestone  home-pink-sample-2d Gill Begnor  home-pink-sample-2d Hannah Phillips
 home-pink-sample-2d Jane Jacobs  home-pink-sample-2d Jennifer Cohen  home-pink-sample-2d Katie Nagioff
 home-pink-sample-2d Laura Jackson  home-pink-sample-2d Lisa Washington  home-pink-sample-2d Louise Coleman
 home-pink-sample-2d Lucy Jacobs  home-pink-sample-2d Mandy Lee  home-pink-sample-2d Melanie Lewis
 home-pink-sample-2d Melanie Saul  home-pink-sample-2d Melissa Vandermolen  home-pink-sample-2d Nick Daniels
 home-pink-sample-2d Nicky Graham  home-pink-sample-2d Nikki Rosenblatt  home-pink-sample-2d Phillips Bishop
 home-pink-sample-2d Rakhee Singh  home-pink-sample-2d Rebecca Bernard  home-pink-sample-2d Sally Levy
 home-pink-sample-2d Samantha Charles  home-pink-sample-2d Sandra Lawson  home-pink-sample-2d Sarah Redding
 home-pink-sample-2d Sasha Cohen  home-pink-sample-2d Sharon Cohen  home-pink-sample-2d Suzanne Breaden
 home-pink-sample-2d Sylvia Orsi