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National Children’s Day 2017

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Sunday 14th May marked National Children’s Day in the UK and, naturally, that is a day that deserves to be celebrated on ‘Days @ Rays’, making this week’s theme an easy decision; the only difficulty was that, with all of the amazing children we know and work with, we were overwhelmed with choices for a… Read more »

Celebrating International Nurses Day

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Imagine having such an impact on a child that when they get the chance to name a penguin, out of all the names in the world, they choose yours! That’s what happened when Hafsa got the opportunity recently after her ice skating wish. She named a skating aid penguin after her favourite nurse, Noreen. Such… Read more »

Introducing the ‘Days @ Rays’ Blog

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Wish Granter? Or how we go about organising some of our most magical and sometimes unusual wishes? Or what happens at a Rays of Sunshine Hospital Activity Day? Or maybe you’d just like to know more about how much a wish means to a  child… Read more »